Hello everyone. I have wondered for too long what to write here. What we do? About us … It is great courage to tell you about our dreams. Great joy at the same time.

The slogan of the Foundation is: equality of opportunity!

The Women’s Power” is largely concentrated on women, as the name suggests (but not only). Since I am a woman myself, this energy is close to me. I admire women for many aspects. Women are strong, multi-tasking, demanding (especially towards themselves), effective, delicate, go-getting, beautiful … and unfortunately… unaware of their advantages”.

It is the foundation that wants to inspire women, help them or rather each other. As part of the foundation, we organize meetings, shows and workshops for Women. “The Happy Witch Sabbath” is particularly popular – weekend meetings of exceptional women, where they start the process of self-acceptance in a friendly atmosphere, they discover themselves: who they are and what they really need and they get specific tips on how to achieve it. This magical weekend proves to each one of us that happiness is at your fingertips – just reach for it.

We have been co-creating the Sabbath with my beloved sister Paulina Biernat for over 3 years. Every day, we work with a large group of enthusiasts who are experts in many areas and provide advice and assistance.

Children are the second pillar of our foundation as part of equal opportunities. Wonderful, vulnerable and dependent on adults beings – perfect beings. Each of us was a child and each of us remembers what we lacked in life.

Please, don’t be indifferent. “The Women’s Power” supports the feeding of children in schools and co-finances participation in trips to “green schools”.

You are right – the poorest children are supported by Municipal Family Support Center (MOPR), but very often the institution feeds only those children who meet certain criteria. However, there is a huge number of children who also meet the same conditions, but they do not have it  “in writing”, they are neglected children, left out by parents and the system. Often in the family there is no problem with a lack of money, but there is alcohol or even worse illness and at that moment, parents are not able to take care of children as they should.

Let’s remember that a child takes two backpacks to school: one with books and the other much heavier – with emotions, life situation, needs, concerns, fears, but also dreams. Let’s help them make their dreams come true – let’s equalize opportunity!

Let’s remember that a child who forgets school sandwiches is hungry in a different way than the one who didn’t have sandwiches to take…… By funding lunch for them, we also help the mother, father or guardians of the child, who for some reason had nothing to put in the lunch box.

By paying for a child’s participation in a trip to a green school with the whole class, we give the chance for the same joy and fun that peers enjoy. Awesome right?

I was very lucky in my life that I experienced selfless help from people whom I was not able to repay. I asked then: what can I do? I once heard: “Pay it forward”.

I strongly believe that we are doing just that by realizing our statutory goals and that you will help us in this ?

Our foundation’s bank account number: ING Bank Śląski 09 1050 1416 1000 0090 8034 8221

Thank you in advance for all types of support: donations, good words and sharing, and above all for trust.

Katarzyna Świeboda


Our goal is to integrate the women's environment. We promote knowledge in the field of self-development, interpersonal communication, mediation, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, raising a child in the family, personal finance management and preventive healthcare.
Our goal is to equalize the educational opportunities of children and young people from marginalized environments. We operate in the field of preventing social pathologies, aggression and violence among all family members in a social, school and family environment.